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Do Ghosts have emotional feelings?

By Tina Carlson

While the debate continues around the world as to whether spirits exist in our world, another question comes to mind. Can a spirit have emotional feelings without a physical body? Investigators, parapsychologists, scientists and novice ghost hunters are trying to prove or disprove everyday that there are ghosts that walk among us. They use all sorts of high-tech electronics; cameras video equipment, recorders, thermometers, detectors, psychics and mediums. All this scientific research and field work is absolutely necessary for the future proof of the paranormal world. But while we all try to get that one piece of proof needed to stop the speculation and to prove to some people in this world that this science is real and some of us have had the gift all along to see the paranormal. Are we inadvertently hurting ghost’s feelings, making them mad, or sad, or even more confused? Or are we making them feel noticed, special, cared for, needed and in some cases loved?

I think that both cases may be true. I believe that just like everyday people, ghosts are just like us with all the emotional baggage that goes with life or the afterlife. I think there are ghosts that are trapped here that wish to be left alone and there are those that crave our attention. Are we making them more active? When a loved one gets stuck here and learns of a tragedy in their family, are they sad, do they shed tears like you and I? Can a ghost fall in love with another ghost? I myself believe that the answers to all these questions is yes!

So many times you have heard the stories of a sad ghost lingering, staying around until someone cries or prays for them. The ghost then vanishes never to be heard from again. And what of the advice given to our visitors here at the Shadowlands to tell the ghost that they are no longer wanted or needed here also only to vanish. What of the murder victims that have come back to finger their killer or the ghosts that have come to save family and friends that are in danger? All these acts take emotion on the part of the ghost.

So in closing I guess my point is always have respect for the ghost world, do not summon them, do not manipulate them and try to be considerate of their feelings. Treat them in the same manner that you would wish to be treated.

As always this is just my opinion, I welcome yours in email.