Las Vegas Society of Supernatural Investigaton







I would like to thank the members of LVSSI - Tina, Matthew, Gary, Nancy, Steven & the rest of the gang. Thank you for listening, and replying to my emails so promptly. Most of all...thank you for convincing me that I was not crazy!

I feel so content sitting at home now. Saturday night after you all left, Chad and I sat in the dark for about 2 hours. It was the first time I was completely relaxed in about 2 months, and now my power bill won't be so high from leaving the lights on in the house 24-7. HA-HA!

You are such a wonderful group of people....not to mention FUN! You made the experience a pleasant one, instead of scary. We have had no "activity" since you left. It is such a relief.

Chad, my new roommate (yes, she is moving in...LOL) and I, really appreciate what you all have done for us.

Thank you so much!



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