Las Vegas Society of Supernatural Investigaton






August 23,2005


 I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your support and action taken by your organization last month.

I am happy to have found you folks- as you understand, our situation wasn't one a plumber or a policeman could fix. The internet led me directly to your site witch I continue to visit to learn more about the investigation of the supernatural! My wife and I plane to become members of your team as we are so impressed how you've exhibited professionalism and commitment to these phenomena.

Our home situation didn't seem to be a negative one. We were 'sharing' our home with someone that I had personally sensed for a long while. I learned from you later that our continuous replacement of light bulbs, backed up toilets and bathtubs and breakdown of appliances were very well indeed the work of our 'guest'. It was not until we brought our Labrador into our home and watch his strange behavior did we consider that just maybe, this situation required a bit more looking into.

Your involvement in our plight is very much appreciated. Your visit and investigation was simple but rather exciting. We very much enjoyed the experience and since then, our has calmed considerably. I truly sense that your work has validated the existence of a spirit and this soul himself truly feels validated! could be that is all that was needed.

Thank you,

Larry and Sue


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